Friday, June 26, 2009

Over The Meadow and Through The Woods

The Players:

My mom: Dusty Devoe riding her Quarter Horse/Morgan gelding, Dusty.

Tony: stable manager, riding his Morgan gelding, Profile.

The Ride: The stable yard, the meadow, and the woods.

Day One

the warm-up

Gettin' Ready

Whatcha Lookin' At?

Warming Up

the gate keeper

Gate Keeper

far away

Specks in the Field

close up

Almost to the Gate

the boys at the end of the ride

Double Trouble

Day Two

out on the trail

Down the Road

Head's Up

Head's Up

a ride by

Dusty in the Meadow

Morgan in a Meadow

heading back home

In The Meadow

The end of the trail

Dusty and Devoe

Thanks for letting me document these great rides!


Paint Girl said...

What beautiful rides! Mom and Dusty look so great! And Profile is so gorgeous!
Awesome pictures sis!
How did dad get up on the fence with his bad knees?

Pony Girl said...

{Paint Girl}~ Good question about the knees! Maybe we'd better ask him about that one! ;)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh, those are some fantastic pictures!!! How awesome for your mom to have her memories of these great rides captured by one of her wonderful daughters!!! Dusty sure looks great!!! And Profile is gorgeous!! Your Mama sure looked great in those pictures!!

ps~ you'll have to let us know how your dad got up there :~)

Bush Babe said...

Just wonderful - you have such a great eye... and you clearly love your subjects here!!! Gorgeous horses (and DD is pretty easy on the eye too!)

juliette said...

Pony Girl!!! You outdid yourself this time! This is fantastic! Your mom is lucky to have you capture all these lovely moments forever. That photo of Profile's head "Head's up" is simply amazing. I am sure Tony is going to want a print of that! Wow! Well done! Photography is funny because it captures more than just the image - if the photographer CARES about the subject it is obvious! Also, great new header - at least, I think that is new!

Laura said...

Great photos once again. Your Mom is just the cutest thing! I love her little pink bandana and chinks!

jrosey said...

Your mom is stylin'! Love it! These are wonderful pics, as always. You have an incredible eye. How awesome to be able to document fun times with family with such memorable photos. :)

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Those are the best pictures. I loved looking at them. Great job! I bet your mom is loving them too. Your mom looks cute riding too! What fun for you sisters to share with her.

Pony Girl said...

{Juliette}~ The header is new, I took that picture while driving around in country with my dad last week. I loved the old barn!

{Laura}~ My mom always has the most stylin' western garb! I'm going to have to copy her bandanna idea! ;)

Sares said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I'm gonna have to check with you about how you get your pictures so large, but then I don't have a fancy schmancy camera, so they might look icky blown up anyway!

Pony Girl said...

{Sares}~ I use Flickr, I upload and edit them there. If you click on one of my pictures, it will take you to my Flickr photostream. I think I'm almost at my 200 photo limit, then I guess I have to upgrade to Pro and pay $24 a year? I did not know this when I started using Flickr. Nothing is really for free, I guess! :) Anyway, when I edit the pictures in Picnik (through Flickr) I resize my horizontally taken pictures to a width of 700 pixels (it auto adjusts the height) but I don't adjust the photos I take vertically with my camera, those will show full size without resizing, and not cut anything off when posted on my blog template.
Anyway, once you have saved the photo, it pops you back to Flickr and gives you the option to chose your size. Then it gives you html code and you copy and paste that into your blog post- just make sure you are in the html mode, not compose mode when you do it. Then voila, your photo will be there nice and big. I'm sure there is another way to do it, but I like using Flickr for now. I think your point and shoot pics will look good this way too, but you need to make sure your camera is set to take the best quality/size photo. Oh, also, with your 3-column template like I have on my other blog, I don't think you can get the pictures this big because the columns take up room. I always have a different perspective then when I use a computer like yours because my laptop is not a wide screen! :) Good luck and of course email me if you have more questions! xo

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your Mom is so rockin' cool, PG!
She looks great up on her gorgeous boy, and even stylish, too.
Excellent photos!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh yes! What's going on with your Dad's knees? Did I miss a post?
I sure hope he's ok??

I don't think I could climb up on that fence...and I only have one bad knee. lol!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Your photography is just awesome!

Pony Girl said...

{Hi Lisa}~ My dad needs two knee replacement surgeries. Old injuries and bad knees from his line of work. That is why he is wearing the custom made knee braces. I think he is waiting a few years for the replacements, one at a time....once his knees are fixed, he wants to ride horses~ maybe have one of his own someday! I suggested a smooth gaited horse, LOL! :)

KD said...

I absolutely love your compositions, color and especially the close ups.

Danni (: said...

Profile and Dusty are beautiful horses!