Friday, May 29, 2009

Alien Praying Mantis

My thoughts exactly when Sares said she thought the pictures looked like a very stylish praying mantis. However, Paint Girl was right. Remember these glorious pink Rhodie blooms I photographed for Pink Saturday? The following weekend, they were beginning to be just a memory.

Fallen Blooms1

I thought the resulting "dead heads" were pretty neat. Like long-legged botanical spiders.

Fallen Blooms3

This is the new growth on the Rhodie.

Fallen Blooms2

This is the mess of pink blooms.

Fallen Blooms4

I have a thing for beautiful messes, don't I?


Paint Girl said...

Yeah, I was right! I actually know something, and about plants! Who would have thought?

Sares said...

I was right too! I knew that thing was a preying mantis in another life!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

PG~ I just love the pictures, you are doing such a great job!!!!

Abby Lanes said...

I loved all of these and the story. I especially loved the pink shot! Beautiful work!