Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Thanks to Ed over at Sunday Stills Challenge for hosting this fun photography challenge every weekend!

{a sleeping dandelion}


{the butter yellow fringe on my elk hide chinks}


{yellow rope tied to a plastic bag of cans, for desensitizing the horses. can you find the spider?}


{invasive scotch broom}


{yellow rhododendrons}


{trying to bee the paparazzi. again. can you find the bee's head on the right? coming in for a landing....}


{the end}



Paint Girl said...

WOW! You got me on the bee. I was looking at the picture above, it only took me like 5 minutes to figure out it was the picture below! What a great picture, and the landing, beautiful!
You could have left out the spider though, I am sure you put that one in there for me!
Aren't my Rhody's beautiful?

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Yeah!!! You finally got the landing LOL!!! Love the yellow Rhody pictures, very elegant!!

Bush Babe said...

Awesome pics... you are powering PG!!! Adore that bee landing series!!

jrosey said...

HOLY COW! Love all these pics. The landing of the bee is spectacular. I can't believe you captured that. I'm trying to think, and I don't know if I've ever seen yellow Rhodies before...they are beautiful! The "sleeping dandelion" is really pretty...all of these were really, really good!

Pony Girl said...

{BB and JRosey}~ I'm not so sure it was a "series", I took a few on continuous, but also just took a lot of pictures of those blossoms and those are probably different bees! I have never seen a yellow Rhodie before, in fact, when I walked by it yesterday I thought perfect- something for yellow Sunday! :)

{Paint Girl}~ You're lucky I didn't notice the spider until I downloaded my pictures, or I would have had a close-up for ya! ;)

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Those are excellent captures. I love your flowers.
I must say your sleeping dandelion is gorgeous and far better than my wide-eyed ones! LOL!
You have a natural eye for capturing pictures!

Cowgirl Sprat said...

Beautiful pictures! I was going to take a pic of some scotch broom too, but I was bored with it already *sneeze*! I was waiting for my yellow mare to shed out some more too, but she's taking her time... I think a bath will help, if it gets warm enough today. Wonderful job getting some amazing pictures of some really unique yellow stuff.

Pony Girl said...

{Cowgirl Sprat}~ When I first labeled the picture of scotch broom, I had originally written something about it being a "havoc wrecker on allergies." :) I wonder if it's the blooms that make it so bad?

mudranch said...

VERY nice PG! Way to go -- love love the pic of the fringe on your chaps. And the first of the sleeping dandy lion is great! You've got the eye sister... ;)

PS: Let up on the Scotch Broom -- it is by far my favorite scent (that and a fresh rain in the summer.) :D

Farmer Gal said...

Look at you... Those pictures are great!

Patches said...

WOW! Those are amazing shots! The one of the bee coming in for a landing is priceless! I really like the fringe and the yellow rhody is beautiful!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lovely yellow photos all! The first one is my favorite. I've never thought to take a photo of a closed flower before. I like the detail you captured :)

Nice blog over's my first time visiting.