Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Eyeful

I told Paint Girl the other day that I love taking pictures of her horse Fritzy's eyes. I wasn't sure why that was.

Fritzy Eye2

I think I figured it out. It's her long forelock. It is wispy and hangs over her eyes like fringed bangs, and I love how it looks in photos. (The hair in the above photo is actually her mane blowing in the breeze.)

Fritzy Eye1

It is interesting how the ends of Fritzy's black forelock are reddish-brown, bleached from the sun.

Fritzy Eye3

Would you recognize your own horse by just a cropped picture of it's eye?

MB's Eye

I think I would recognize My Boy's eye in a heartbeat. Not hard to miss the 6 frizzy forelock hairs he has.


Tammy said...

Enjoy looking at your photos. The one of the leather fringe really caught my eye as I didn't recognize what it was for a second! Cool shot! I passed on the DSLR. Still on my wish list, but I needed a good camera without a learning curve - I was missing mine so much. Got the Canon SX10 IS. Love it! Used it some this past weekend, but need time to peruse the manual!

Dusty Devoe said...

Great photo's! I love the eye and face shots. I am obsessed with taking pictures of Dusty. But I only get a few good ones out of 50 taken. I'm prety sure I would recognize his eye!!!

HBFG said...

Very nice work! Yes, I think I would recognize my horse...

jrosey said...

I would definitely recognize my horse's snow white eyelashes! His forelock's wispy ends look red in the sunlight too. Love these pics...they are REALLY good! :)

Paint Girl said...

Their eye's look so good! I also like how Fritzy's forelock just hangs over her eye, I have always wondered if that bothers her.
Great pictures! Love them!
I would recognize Brandy, but not sure if I would recognize Fritz.

Bush Babe said...

I think I would - of course we have a few horses here, and I am flat remembering all their names sometimes... Trooper and Yvette (whose eyes are well and truly recorded for posterity) I would know.

Loves these... I love the light shining behind the amber of the eye. Magic.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I love pictures of horses with soft eyes!!! Fritzy and your boy's are both beautiful!!! I love that picture of your boy, how his copper shines with his eye!!

I'm pretty sure I would know all of my horses eyes...Interesting though, I wonder...

The Wife said...

I love eye pics. Maybe I'm weird but I do. The husband always asks why I'm taking them. They intrigue me. You did an awesome job!

Abby Lanes said...

These are all wonderful. I was reading some information about a portrait artist, and he said he liked shooting half a face, and he loved the look of one eye. This is well executed, and the light is divine!

"DJ" said...

Oooo! I love this one! So dreamy looking. :)